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southey's wines

After 13 years of supplying locals with quality wines from boutique estates in the Cape region, Southey’s Wines continues to grow its loyal following with expert advice and a truly unique wine purchasing experience. Our diverse range gives you a large selection to choose from, to get as much access to wines from the smallest of estates to the larger export quality products.


We are always looking to give customers access to wines they wouldn’t usually find elsewhere, to achieve this goal we have launched our Wine of the Month Club. For a monthly fee, you get access to premium wines both reasonably priced and the more expensive, rare wines. At Southey’s Wines we also try to build on the wine drinking culture by giving customers access to the wine makers at our monthly Meet the Wine-Maker Dinner experience. You will be able to talk to the respective wine makers, ask questions and comment – All with the goal of adding to your knowledge of local wines, making your wine drinking experience that much better.